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MerchHero is the best custom printing service in the nation.

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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all custom printing services

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About MerchHero

In 2004, a company called AMS Rabbit was formed. The company was (and still is) run by people that were also in bands. AMS soon garnered the trust of major brands like McDonalds, the US Army, Walmart because of their extremely low prices.

Fast forward to 2012!

AMS Rabbit decided to add many other services to their customers such as merch printing and promotional products in addition to CD & DVD Duplication / Replication. The founder, Wes Nappi (picture below) decided that the company needed to change their name to something that gave people a better idea of what they were all about.

MerchHero was born!

Sounds pretty epic huh? In our 8 years of business, we still have yet to find custom printing services rates lower than MerchHero. Simply put- they cannot be beat. In times like these, bands and businesses alike need cheap prices, high quality, fast turnaround times, and exceptional customer service. That’s what were here to do.

Keeping our customers happy since 2004.

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