MerchHero – FAQ

What is the difference between CD Duplication vs. CD Replication?
Great question! It’s answered on our page here.

What is MerchHero’s CD & DVD printing process?
We can print however you want. The options are literally endless.
Typically: For quantities under 1,000 you will want to order ink jet printing (no paper labels).
For quantities 1,000+ you will probably do offset/screen printing.

How do I get my songs to show up in iTunes when people put my disc in the computer?
Step 1: Put the CD in the computer and open iTunes. Right click on a track to bring up the Get Info window. Enter all of the information and repeat this step for all tracks on the CD.

Step 2: When you’re done entering all of the information, go to Advanced and  Submit CD Track Names. iTunes will ask you to confirm the Artist and Album information, verify then hit OK. Give it a day or so for the information to be live. After that, test it it out by putting the CD in different computers, the same track info should be showing up now.

What is the minimum order limit?
We don’t have one, but we have a $25 set up fee for the first order and any job under $99.

How fast can I get my project?
Depending on the complexity of your job, it’s possible to turn orders over on the same day.

Do you have any guarantees?
We guarantee that your order will be done with the highest quality and on the time that we tell you or you can return your order for a full refund.

Do you price match?
We will match the price of any competitors verified price (by us).

Why should I choose MerchHero over your competition?
A lot of people say that they have that the lowest price, but look at our deals page and you’ll see that we not only say that we’re the lowest price, but we back it up with numbers.