CD Duplication vs Replication

Wondering what’s the difference between CD Duplication vs Replication? You’ve come to the right place.

CD Duplication is completed by burning the information onto the disc, much like the same process that you’d do with your CD burner at home.

CD Replication is when we melt down the plastic and mold the CD with the information (your music) stamped into it.

Cd Replication Machine to Show Difference Between CD Dupliation vs. Replication

You will not hear a difference in sound quality, volume, or playability in your home, cars, stereo, etc.

This is the same difference between DVD Duplication vs Replication.

So, what’s the big deal with replicated disks?
The replicated disc is slightly more durable because the stamped information is closer to the middle of the disc.
Additionally, on the duplicated disc, it is closer to the top of the disc- making it more susceptible to normal wear and tear.

How can you tell the difference then?
The biggest difference that you’ll see between the two is the print on top. This is because if you have the budget for CD replication, you will most likely have the budget for offset/screen printing (looks better) as opposed to ink jet printing.