Do You Need Industry Logos On Your CDs?

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Here are some templates and industry logo’s that are commonly used in the CD duplication industry.  While your here check out some of our specials on custom band merch!


[idz_accordion title=”CD DVD Disc Template” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”]
CD-DVD-DiscTemplate.zipCD disc

[idz_accordion title=”CD Inserts and Tray Card Templates” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”] TRAYCARD EIGHT_BOOKLET[/idz_accordion]

[idz_accordion title=”CD and DVD Printed Sleeve / Eco Sleeve” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”]
[idz_accordion title=”Digi Paks” icon=”icon-arrow-right”]


[idz_accordion title=”CD Digipaks” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”]
4-Panel-Digipack.zipCD DIGIPAK template CD DIGIPAK template

[idz_accordion title=”DVDs” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”] DVD entrapment 2-Panel-DVD-Insert.zipDVD-INSERT

[idz_accordion title=”Industry Logos” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”]
Compact Disc logoIndustry logo - CD - Compact Disc

Compact Disc Digital Audio logoIndustry logo - CD - Compact Disc Digital Audio

DVD logoIndustry logo - DVD

DVD Video logoIndustry logo - DVD Video

Parental Advisory logoIndustry logo - Parental Advisory Explicit

Bar Code sample (place holder)Industry logo - Bar Code - place holder[/idz_accordion]

[idz_accordion title=”IPR Form” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”]

[idz_accordion title=”Lighters” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”]
Bic Lighter template

[idz_accordion title=”Buttons” icon=”icon-cd-dvd”]
1 inch buttons

Hope these industry logos and CD duplication templates are what you were looking for.  If you think we need another industry logo for CD duplication or custom band merch let us know and we will add it.


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