How To Burn A CD With Song Titles

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How to burn a CD with song titles

In this post, we’ll give you step by step instructions on how to burn a CD with song titles.

It’s a question that many musicians ask us when they call to order CDs. So, we thought you’d love this.


Why are my song titles not showing up when I put my CD in a computer?

When you put any music CD into a computer that is connected to the Internet. It uses an alga rhythm to compare your discs stats to others in one of two databases. “Gracenotes” (used by iTunes) or “AMG” (used by windows)

That is why the computer will bring up multiple titles and ask you which one it is. (Album A or Album B)

It is not reading the track listings from the disc or the CD text. (So when you get your Custom CD duplicated or replicated it is not the manufactures fault your songs don’t show up in your computer. You need to submit the track listings to the Gracenotes or AMG data bases.

How do I submit my music to Grace-notes or AMG?

  1. Put the disc into the computer. (That has Internet access)
  2. Fill in all the required fields.(artist, tracks, album name etc.) Make sure everything is spelled correctly because this is what everyone will be pulling up when they put your disc into there computer at home.
  3. Click “Advanced” (top of page) that will pull up a drop down menu.

Select “Submit CD Track Names

4.   That will bring up a pop up menu. Fill in as much as you can(preferably all of it) push ok when your done.

5.  If you did everything correctly you should get a pop up saying “The CD information was successfully sent to Gracenotes CDDB service” 

The CD track names will be ready in a couple days usually but it can take a couple weeks so be patent also you might want to do this before you start your CD duplication or CD replication process so by the time you get your discs back from the Disc makers the database will already be updated and your fans will not have a problem pulling up your CD data in the computer after they get home from your CD release show.

Then what is CD-Text and why do the tracks still not show up in my car stereo?

Good question, CD Text refers to the track names and other information burned into the disc during mastering. I know we covered this earlier but here it is again. Your computer does not read CD text. Only CD players that are text enabled will read this info. (Some car and even less home stereos).

If you want this info to transfer to the copies your CD duplication company makes for you. Ask them if they do it before you start your project. Not all CD duplication company’s are created equal. If you are having your Music CD pressed or sent to a CD replication company they will be able to do this no problem.

*note, most people don’t care about the CD text in the car or on a home stereo because they usually put the music into the computer and then on their iPod or whatever. So I would not really be to concerned with CD text. Also most CD duplication/replication company’s will charge a fee to change a master and if you change the name of a song later you will have to pay for the new mastering fee. 

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